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Logco lease P2

Scented, high specification chemical release agent



5L, 20L, 25L, 210L, IBC


Coverage: 20-40 m²/l

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Logco lease P2 is an extremely versatile high class chemical release agent blended with highly active surfactants. The blend of highly active surfactants assist in reducing surface tension at the interface between the concrete and the formwork. Thus ensuring that optimum release is attained hence achieving a high quaIity concrete surface finish. With added pine fragrance.

• Produces uniform, stain-free concrete
• Protects timber against moisture ingress, thereby extending the life of the formwork
• Is completely versatile, can be used on timber, plywood, metal and plastic formwork
• Contains no solvents
• High oil content

Logco lease CA3 Premium quality chemical mould release agent