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Delivering Excellence

Logco, established in 1918, are a UK based and owned independent manufacturer of solutions for the precast and concrete industries. We pride ourselves in continually investing in research and development to bring technologically innovative and reliable solutions to our customers.

Our extensive range of products are all manufactured at our brand-new facility in Yorkshire and can be delivered direct to site, on our own vehicles. Tailored to your business and requirements, our solutions will streamline the entire precast and concrete production process, increasing productivity and profits, while protecting and building your reputation for providing excellence.

In 2023 we were awarded West Yorkshire Small Manufacturer of the Year award by the Business Awards UK.

This remarkable achievement not only serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the industry since 1918, but also highlights our commitment to manufacturing quality, innovative products for our customers. Being acknowledged as a prestigious award recipient is an immense honour for us and validates the dedication, effort and passion of the entire Logco team. 

We’re at the top of our field and our solutions are built to ensure you’re at the top of yours too.

White Label Capabilities – Bespoke Manufacturing (OEM)

The full range of products that are shown in this catalogue are all able to be produced as ‘white label’ products in your own brand, with a wide selection of packaging available. At Logco we have a state of the art R&D laboratory where we develop all of our products from the concrete release agents to formwork treatments, from surface sealers to curing agents and retarders, from mould oils to various ancillaries. We are able to offer the flexibility of bespoke designed products, formulated to meet your specifications and exacting requirements. In addition, we also offer an in-house label design service

Manufacturing Solutions

When it comes to the precast and concrete industry, exceptional performance has become a standard. That means that in this sector, good quality just isn’t good enough, only the highest quality will do. In today’s world of strict requirements, providing the best quality products is an essential you can’t miss. The secret to reaching consistently high standards for every batch is to ensure that you have the best possible manufacturing chemicals and solutions, tailored to fit your business’s exact requirements, equipment and processes. That’s where we come in – with our range of manufacturing solutions that you can rely on. Offering only the best quality available, our chemical manufacturing solutions will help your company to continually provide dependable, high-quality products that you can rely on to always meet strict standards and regulations. With over 20 years’ experience, knowledge and expertise in the industry, we’re confident that our manufacturing chemicals and products are the exact solutions you’ve been searching for. We don’t just stop there either – we’re always innovating and developing new solutions, ensuring that we continue to only offer the best.

Research & Development​

Logco has over 100 years of expertise in the production and formulation of Formwork Treatment, Concrete Release Agents, Curing Agents & Retarders. In our purpose-built development laboratories, we can formulate new products tailored to suit your specific application. From small projects to major developments, our technical team will be pleased to help. Using the latest technologies and specialist analysis software, combined with our extensive chemistry knowledge and management experience, we can proactively review product and blend components to ensure compatibility, ensuring the best quality to meet customer specific requirements. Our laboratories are equipped with modern mixers and a range of sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that products match exacting design requirements.


Logco’s vast experience has enable the development of environmentally friendly and biodegradable products designed to replace the traditional solvent based range. This eco range of materials have been specifically formulated using the latest water-based technology to reduce both health, storage and ground contamination issues in an increasingly environmentally conscious industry. These products are instantly recognisable in this catalogue by the environmentally friendly and biodegradable info symbols.


We are incredibly proud to be certified to ISO 9001 quality management system, showing our continued ability to provide products that meet customers’ requirements to a high standard. Our ISO 9001 certification renewal in 2023 signifies our ongoing commitment to adhering to rigorous management practices and ensuring that every aspect of our operation meets and exceeds the stringent requirements set forth by ISO.

As members of the MPA British Precast Trade Association we are able to demonstrate our continued commitment to stringent technical standards.