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Logco Aquapel WR

Solvent based impregnating agent


5L, 20L, 25L, 210L


Coverage: 3-6 m²/l (exposed location) 10-15 m²/l (sheltered location)

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Logco Aquapel WR is a solvent based, single coat, hydrophobic impregnating agent based on a silane resin solution. It penetrates into the pores of the surface being treated, forming a silicone resin in situ which imparts water repellent properties to nearly all building surfaces. It is not film forming and hence will not affect the appearance or water diffusion capacity of the substrate. Protects bridges and other structures from salt spray.

• Easy to apply by non-atomising spray, brush or roller
• Allows treated surfaces to breathe
• Protects from ingress of water borne ions, such as chlorides and sulphates
• Improves freeze/thaw resistance of treated surfaces
• Reduces susceptibility to corrosion of reinforcements