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Eco lease MR4

Biodegradable release agent designed specifically for dry-cast concrete products



5L, 20L, 25L, 210L, IBC


Coverage: 30-50 m²/l

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A readily biodegradable release agent formulated to give easy release from pre-cast moulds (both dry and wet cast) or formwork while providing a high quality surface finish to concrete. A low viscosity blend of oils gives a safe, low odour and non staining mould oil.

• Non-hazardous and highly mobile, even at low temperatures
• Suspension and sediment free so can be used in very fine spray nozzles without clogging
• May be applied to the formwork either prior to casting or after the formwork has been left until dry
• The natural chemical reaction promotes a uniform, matt, stain free concrete surface free from blow holes and surface blemishes
• Repeated use gives progressively better results from timber formwork
• Is suitable for use with both grey & white cements