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Logco Form Repair

Polyester rapid setting resin for formwork repair


1.2 kg, 8 kg


Coverage: 2 m² @ 1mm per 5 kg

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Logco Form Repair is a twin pack polyester resin based system consisting of a tin of resin paste and a tube of hardener paste. The addition to the resin paste of a small amount of hardener produces a rapid setting compound with physical and chemical properties which make it ideal for the repair of surface damage, irregularities on most types of formwork.

• Simple to mix and apply. Mix resin paste with hardener
• Rapid set and hardening
• Excellent adhesive properties
• Resistant to oil, water and alkalis
• Resistant to impact and abrasion
• Easy to sand and smooth. Sanding can be carried out in 15-25 minutes
• Compatible with release agents