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Logco cure R90A

Aluminised 90% high efficiency curing membrane for concrete



5L, 20L, 25L, 210L, IBC


Coverage: 5 m²/l

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Logco cure R90A is formulated with solvents and inert hydrocarbons and is designed to provide a fast drying, flexible, tough and impervious membrane that protects the concrete surface from rapid water evaporation during the initial curing stages. It incorporates an aluminium pigment for situations where light reflectance is required to ensure the temperature of the concrete is kept to a minimum. Logco cure R90A has a water retention efficiency in excess of 90% when tested in accordance with BS 7542 thus complying with ASTM C309.66 Department for Transport Specification for Highway Works Clause 1027 & MoD DIO Specification 033 Clause 3.10.1 for Airfields.

• Greatly reduced surface shrinkage, cracking and crazing
• One coat spray application. No waiting, apply as soon as practical after concrete placement
• Reduced labour costs: covering the concrete with wet Hessian and/or polythene is unnecessary
• Assists in attaining maximum hydration, strength and surface hardness
• The action of ultra-violet light, weathering and abrasion ensure that the resin film disintegrates from the concrete surface over time