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Logco Cemgone

Evironmentally friendly cement remover



5L, 25L, 210L

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Logco Cemgone is an environmentally friendly cement remover. Contains an organic, naturally occuring, plant based active ingredient that is excellent at breaking down bonds, dissolving and releasing hardened cement from common construction site surfaces. Keep your tools, equipment, and vehicles cleaned and maintained. Efficient, fast-acting, and highly effective at penetrating and loosening concrete. Low to no corrosion on most metals and readily biodegradable.

• Powerful cleaner, more effective and safer than other products on the market based on citric, hydro-chloric, sulphuric & phosphoric acids
• Safe and ready to use
• Non-flammable & non-volatile
• Biodegradable
• Low to no corrosion on most metals and surfaces
• Fast-acting & efficient