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Eco tard MF

Blue pigmented, mould face gel retarder



5L, 25L


Coverage: 6-10 m²/l

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Eco tard MF (Mould Face) gel is an aqueous biodegradable pigmented retarder designed to be applied to formwork surfaces to produce an exposed aggregate surface which gives an excellent key for subsequent concreting or surface treatments; it is ideal for construction joints and rendering applications. The gel consistency makes it ideal for application to vertical surfaces, no run off.

• Is readily biodegradable
• Can be used with all types of formwork, both absorbent and nonabsorbent
• Ideal for use in areas of poor ventilation due to its aqueous, low odour characteristics
• Pigmented (blue) to assist in achieving a uniform application
• Eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming surface preparation for subsequent treatments
• Cures to give a tough, abrasion resistant film that is not easily displaced during concrete placement