Concrete Curing Agents and Retarders

Logco manufacturer a wide range of concrete curing agents and retarders for the Construction and Precast Industry. We offer water based, safe and biodegradable curing agents and sealers along with high efficiency polymeric and solvent based products.

All our concrete curing products allow full hydration to be achieved, resulting in higher strength, significantly reduced surface dusting & cracking, and low shrinkage concrete that is much more durable.

Logco offer water based safe and biodegradable retarders for aggregate exposure on both vertical & horizontal surfaces.

Why you need a professional agent when it comes to concrete curing and retarders

It is important to choose the right company to satisfy your concrete curing and retarding needs. Quality work and excellent customer service are just two reasons why you need to find the best.

Logco Manufacturing are experts in concrete curing agents and retarders, providing the solution you require. We provide a variety of concrete construction-related services, including crack filling, stripping, asphalt patching and sealing, concrete finishing and paving.

For long-lasting driveways that are functional, concrete curing agents and retarders are the better option compared to other concrete services. Providing an easy way of maintaining the optimum moisture content of concrete, our curing agents offer greater resistance to damage from salt, ice and snow, and they also cure your concrete faster, so it can be used sooner after installation. Many people prefer it to other materials thanks to its durability. Whatever area you need treating, here at Logco Manufacturing, we take care of the re-sealing required with the best craftsmanship around, ensuring that your concrete surface not only lasts for longer but also has an attractive finish.

The first impression that either your home or business premise gives goes a long way in shaping the attitude of your clients or visitors. A professional finish on your driveway and concrete flooring will add a refined touch which can boost your property value or business reputation. Logco concrete curing agents and concrete retarders save you money by ensuring that your floors and pavements last longer hence no need for overall replacement.

We understand that construction projects can be demanding, and making sure that your construction project stays within budget can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a professional commercial construction firm monitoring and managing your project. Our many years of expertise in concrete curing and our accurate quoting can help you to stay within your budget. On top of that, we will work with your schedule, helping you meet your deadlines too.

With our dedication to customer satisfaction, we can ensure that you get the quality concreting you want, quickly. A customer service team is also in place to ensure that all enquiries are attended to on time. What’s more, we are renowned nationwide thanks to the high quality of work that we offer. Contact us at Logco today to learn more about our concrete curing services and concrete retarders.