Cementitious Repair

What is Cementitious Repair?

Cementitious repair products refer to the wide range of products that are cement based and which help to stick, hold and repair cracks in concrete, stones and other building materials. These products can be made from a combination of materials that include sand, cement, additives, and binders. When the cement dries it hardens, both protecting and sealing any gaps or cracks.
Logco offers a range of Cementitious repair products offering solutions to a wide range of repair scenarios.

There is a polymer reinforced mortar for repointing, caulking and repairing concrete in both dry and damp conditions. The range includes a chloride free wall tie sealing compound which provides low shrinkage and offers a high level of resistance to sulphate and other chemical attack. Also available is a high strength epoxy resin based mortar which is waterproof, chemical resistant and quick curing.

When are these products used?

These types of products are most commonly used when dealing with repairing fences, walls, and paths/driveways. They can also be used on internal or external pipes.

We offer a full range of cementitious repair products. What you use very much depends upon your working environment, chosen material, and type of repair work.

Types of contentious repair products

We sell a range of contentious repair products.

Polymer reinforced mortar

We sell polymer based reinforced mortar that can be used on wet and dry concrete surfaces. This product can be used when you need to re-point a structure, or to simply repair deep cracks. This is a powder-based product that provides a strong and durable bond finish. It can also be used to level a structure’s surface and to provide a toughened base coat.

Chloride free wall tie sealing compound

Our chloride free wall tie sealing compound is known as a plug mortar, as that is what it does. It is shrink resistant, fast drying, and offers a water resistant seal. This contentious repair compound easily fills holes that have been formed in walls, or can fill gaps surrounding internal pipes.

High strength epoxy resin based mortar

This type of repair mortar offers protection against water and chemicals, while being incredibly versatile. This is the type of repair mortar that you would choose for high strength and heavy duty cement-based surfaces.

Rapid set mortar

As the name suggests, this type of mortar sets incredibly quickly. It is a mix of specialist cements that when combined with water is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rapid set mortar is most commonly used for repairing drains, setting posts, concrete step repairs, and re-pointing block work.

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