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How to choose the right concrete release agent

A concrete release agent provides the barrier needed between a moulding surface and the substrate which leads to more efficient and bespoke production, particularly within the construction and precast industries. It is important to notice that selecting the right concrete release agent for the job in hand can sometimes be a many layered task in itself. With this in mind, below are some tips and hints for choosing concrete release agents for industrial purposes and construction-based purposes.

1. Product research

As with any purchase it is critical to research what is out there and how these products can help you achieve your purpose. Some issues to raise with the specific choices involved in purchasing a concrete release agent may be to consider chemicals being produced in the vicinity and your organisation’s capacity to manage these chemical reactions in terms of safety and magnitude. As well as this it is also important to consider your own purpose. Depending on the substrate you have and the application processes you have capacity for, the concrete release agent you might choose will change. Most expert companies such as Logco will sell oil based, wax based and water-based products, the implications of which are explained in detail below.

2. Water based

 These are some of the industry’s newer concrete release agents such as eco-lease ws sold by Logco. Research has shown a need to move away from petroleum and oil-based products and towards water-based more environmentally friendly formulations. This may have positive effects for your organisation in terms of health and in terms of carbon footprint, which are not to be sniffed at. Be sure to seek expert advice on this as it is important to tailor the formula, as with any concrete release agent, to the needs of your work. 


3. Oil based

 With more established oil based concrete release products such as Logco’s general purpose release agent, there are several considerations to take into account. Should this product be quick drying? Should it be high performance? Should it be an emulsion? How best to apply one or all of these options physically i.e. by brush, roller or other method? How best to apply the oil-based option logistically i.e. do we need something suited to precast industrial models or GRP or is a general solution the best bet? Some of these points are explained in a little more detail below but as with the water-based options and any other purchases for industrial purposes, the best bet is to go to expert solution providers both metaphorically and physically, such as Logco. 


4. Application method 

This will depend very much on your own organisational needs, however there are some points that ring true for all industries and requirements. The best advice would be to sit down and audit all application methods that are feasible within your own requirements. If you have space and are using materials for mould and substrate that would be best suited to a specific application method, such as a sprayer, then it is of critical importance that you factor that in before the necessary purchase. In this way your own materials will be conserved and potentially clients will be happy with the result you have gained for them. 


5. Consider industrial requirements 


This is the final point as it has potential to be the most specific to you. Consider your own service requirements and agreements. Experts like Logco provide solutions for all manner of requirements, be they more general or more specific, such as mould material (a GRP mould will require a different solution to a general site area or plastic mould). Add to this, the fact that you may have your own budgetary requirements in terms of materials as well, and there is potential for a perfect storm of balancing all requirements in terms of concrete release agent. As long as, organisationally, you are aware of the balance of requirements needed from your concrete release agent you can be sure that experts such as Logco will be the best placed people to advise you on solutions that meet your own and your clients’ expectations. 


Overall, a concrete release agent purchase doesn’t have to be the headache it may appear to be initially. There is a lot of information out there, but as long as you know what you are looking for in terms of results then there are experts out there who can provide all manner of solutions. As with any purchase the best bet is to inform yourself of your options via experts such as Logco and then make the best decision based on that information.